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Year of Publication: 1996

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AKal, Shitaye Ayele (1996) Analysis and major environmental factors of land susceptibility to erosion : A case study of Taita Taveta district, coast Province, Kenya.

Abdelaziz, A.M.S. (1996) A GIS database of faulting and fracturing in Eastern and Southern Africa based on published geological maps and new aeromagnetic interpretation.

Ahmed Mohamed, Abu Bakr (1996) Assessment of groundwater vulnerability to contamination : A case study in the San Mateo area (Eastern Spain).

Ahwireng, Theo Nyarko (1996) Generation and interpretation of a regional lineament database for West Africa (including a focus on the Voltaian Basin).

Amaglo, Joseph K. (1996) Data conversion and transfer between CAD systems and GIS.

Ato, Vicente A. (1996) Prediction of deforestation using area production model and GIS : A case study of Phrao, Chiangmai, Thailand.

Azero, Henry Armando Lopez (1996) Geographic information infrastructure in distributed database environment to support regional planning in Bolivia.

Bergmann, Peter (1996) Geographical information systems and regional rural development programmes in technical cooperation : An implementation-oriented approach towards the design of a general database structure for regional framework planning.

Buitrago Aguilar, Pedro (1996) Editing of an automatic digital terrain model and quality assessment.

Bustos, Jaramillo (1996) Generation of DTMs based on satellite multisensor data.

Chambouleyron, Julian (1996) Object Oriented design approach for GIS application on Irrigation Management : A case study in Guadalhorce watershed, Alora, Spain.

Champati Ray, P.K. (1996) Landslide hazard zonation using fuzzy logic and probability analysis in parts of Western Himalaya.

Chinchilla, Rolando Mora (1996) Geomorphological model of "Valle Central, Cochabamba, Bolivia: genetic and tectonic-geomorpholigical approach.

Cletus, Serwanga (1996) The contact mode of polarisation curves (CPC) technique : A method to evaluate mineral deposits with electronic conduction - A preliminary test in the Sudbury Area.

Corbea Diaz, P.P. (1996) Modelling and visualization of 3D geo-spatial data.

Davids, Adlai Steven (1996) The potential of geographical information systems (GIS) in urban crime research : A case study of Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Dessie, Gessesse (1996) Comparison of two sampling methods to estimate the density of rare tree species in Wondo-Genet, Ethiopia.

Djuarsa, Iwan (1996) Environmental geology investigation in some mine sites of Cyprus.

Dominiguez, Angel Vazquez (1996) Delita Gold Deposit, Cuba: A new geostatistical approach on its geological reserves based on computerized methods.

Dreza, Omar (1996) Design of multi level decision support system for coastal zone management : A case study in Libya.

Edwardmartin, Rwarinda (1996) Hydrogeological investigation in Sardon Catchment, a part of the lower Rio Tormes Basin, Salamanca Province, Spain.

Elvey, Nola L. (1996) Urban growth and land use change analysis using sequential aerial photography, 1980-1995 : a case study of Kingston, Jamaica.

Engoke, Douglas Musiega (1996) Total quality management for a geographic information production organization.

Falan, Guan (1996) Tourism potential assessment for the city of Jingsha.

Fan, Lihui (1996) Imaging spectroscopy, field spectrometry and their application on geological mapping in Jinchaun, China, and Almaden, Spain.

Fei, Li (1996) Design and Programming of GIS Server/Client on Internet.

Franco, Marciano M. (1996) An Evaluation of Resettlement Site Planning in the Mount Pinatubo Area, The Philippines.

Friha, Naima (1996) Guidelines for the development of a geographic information infrastructure in Tunisia : implementation of the clearinghouse concept.

Galvez-Ayson, Marites L. (1996) An impact assessment study of shrimp culture development in adjacent mangroves in Khung Krabean Bay, Chantaburi, Thailand.

Gammo, Tesfaye Woldeyes (1996) Land suitability assessment for reforestation at different scale levels through aggregation in G.I.S. environment : A case study in Alora, Malaga Spain.

Guiu, Isabel Bielsa (1996) Designing ecological networks at regional scale with G.I.S. - A case study in the Ebro basin (NE Spain).

Güngör, Fatma (1996) Data quality as factor in the assessment of deforestation a case study from Phrao District, Thailand.

Hakimpour, Farshad (1996) Metrics for logical consistency in spatial relations.

Hakizumwami, Elie (1996) Constraints for on-farm fuelwood supply : A case study in Amani Division, East Usambara Mountains, Tanzania.

Heholt, Daune (1996) A community based approach to urban data gathering and monitoring in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Hiemstra, D. (1996) Using statistical methods to create a bilingual dictionary.

Hikmatullah, (1996) Erosion hazard assessment in the Lake Tondano Catchment North Sulawesi, Indonesia, with respect to its possible siltation.

Ismail, Nafeesa Ahmed (1996) Farm classification for land use planning : The case of Amol District, Islamic Republic of Iran.

Kombaz, Tarek El-Sayed Ahmed (1996) A contribution to estimate surface variables of the energy balance equation for actual evapotranspiration estimates combining thematic and remote sensing data : A case study in Malaga, Spain.

Kusi-Minkab, Ernest (1996) Sedimentation in reservoirs : A case study on the reservoir and catchment of the Turon Malaga Province-Spain.

Lat, Gueye Abdou (1996) Multi-spectral quadtree based image segmentation.

Legesse, Dagnachew (1996) A preliminary remote sensing-/GIS-based geothermal resources assessment in the central main Ethiopian Rift Valley.

Lofo, Michel (1996) Monitoring for innovation adoption in land resource management programme : A study of three innovation adoptions by the target population in the provinces of Bulkiemdé and Sanguié, Burkina Faso.

Lotfi, Khemiri (1996) Interpretability of scanned aerial photographs.

López Binnqülst, Citlalli (1996) Analysis of biophysical and socio-economic conditions in relation to the various bamboo species used for different purposes in Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand.

Manipon, Erlinda F. (1996) Impact of the environment and management on paddy yield : A case study in Kung Krabaen Area,. Chantaburi Province, Thailand.

Manzano, Juanito A. (1996) Detailed liquefaction potential analysis of the Herkenbosch area using the Roermond earthquake observations for calibration.

Matin, Mir Abdul (1996) Development of a prototype for object identification in heterogeneous FGIS.

Msham, Hawa Sekela (1996) Definition of spatial units for erosion control : At different scale levels in a GIS environment.

Mulangala, Rabby (1996) Maize cultivation versus incidence of soil erosion indicators : A case study in Taita Taveta District, Coast Province, Kenya.

Musiwa, Sakwiba (1996) Determining Geological Controls on Mineralisation in the area west of Mumbwa, Zambia.

Müller de Santa Cruz, Elisabeth (1996) Integration of GIS and GPS for vehicle fleet management.

Nwachokor, Monday Andrew (1996) An evaluation of rain erosion hazard under selected land use types using soil surface microtopographic features : A case study in the Hilland of the Mhong Chun Yen Village, Northern Thailand.

Omullo, Leonard (1996) Modelling the distribution of wildlife in relation to environmental gradients : A case study of the Tsavo National Park, Kenya.

Owusu-Poku, Kofi (1996) Modelling of land use zones at an intermediate level of aggregation in a GIS environment : A case study in Álora, Spain.

Paganelli, Flora (1996) Monitoring special characteristics of vegetation canopies influenced by anthropogenic dust deposition using integrated spectral and chemical data in Karvina forest ecosystems (Czech Republic).

Pandey, Bishwa Raj (1996) An integrated approach for the identification and the assessment of waste emission impacts on Bagmati River, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.

Pandya, Ua (1996) Technical, socio-economic and institutional aspects determining the diffusion of micro-hydro energy systems: Case studies in Iloilo and Guimaras provinces, The Philippines.

Pantimena, Leo (1996) Monitoring land cover change and deforestation using microwave and optical satellite data in conjunction with GIS : Case study from Jambi, Indonesia.

Pereira de Oliveira, Ronaldo (1996) Geo-information system analysis and design for research application in sustainable agriculture at sub-regional level. : A prototype implementation for Álora, a case study in Spain.

Pokhrel, Deepak Mani (1996) Assessment of mass movement hazard using selected soil properties : A case study in the Middle Mountainous Region of Nepal.

Quiambao, Rowena Bassi (1996) Quality management of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) as a geoinformation utility on volcanic hazards assessment.

Rajkarnikar, Suroj Raj (1996) The identification of sub-local governmental areas : An exploration with RS and GIS of the potential role of the urban community concept in Kathmandu.

Raza, Ale (1996) Design and implementation of temporal GIS for monitoring land use change : A case study of Dar es Salaam.

Rutayuga, A.B. (1996) Identifying models for the establishment of parcel-based information system using object-technology.

Sah, Kamal (1996) Removing shadow effect from satellite data for forest cover mapping in Hilly areas of Nepal.

Sah, Shobhit (1996) Use of farmers' knowledge to forecast areas of cardamon cultivation : An application of a participatory land suitability analysis in East Usambaras, Tanzania.

Salinas Cardona, Javier (1996) Integrated geo-data for urban planning : Case study Cochabamba - Bolivia.

Santos, Eduardo Alejandro O. (1996) Species selection for reforestation using GIS : A case study in Álora, Spain.

Shashore, Zeleke Chafamo (1996) A remote sensing and GIS-based study on the impact of shrimp farming on the water quality Khung Krabaen Bay, Chantaburi, Southeast Thailand.

Sherif, Rida S. (1996) Monitoring urbanisation of rural areas with satellite images and a geographical information system : A case study of Tripoli, Libya.

Shimba, Martin (1996) Aggregating land cover data to low resolution imagery.

Smikle, Dwight (1996) Hydrogeology and groundwater recharge of the San Mateo Basin, North Eastern Spain.

Soga, Thobeko Harris (1996) Shack proliferation within the former black townships in Port Elizabeth, 1969-1995 : Implications for the reconstruction and development programme.

Somma, Daniel J. (1996) Design of buffer zones for nature conservation using GIS : A case study in Alora, Spain.

Syed, Aneeqa Shireen (1996) A comparative study on the usefulness of the optical and microwave spectral domain for fluvial geomorphological surveys, Central Bangladesh.

Tembe, Alberto Francisco (1996) Application of a soil fertility model as a supporting tool in quantitative land evaluation.

Tessema, Kidane (1996) Energy-saving in brick industries : Reviewing options in the Netherlands and some lessons for developing countries.

Torres, Manuel Vazquez (1996) Regional geological interpretation and spectral analysis of Troodos Massif Ophiolites (Cyprus).

Vazquez Dominguez, Angel (1996) Delita Gold Deposit, Cuba : A new geostatistical approach on its geological reserves based on computerized methods.

Wahyunto, (1996) A physiographic approach to the assessment of land degradation and mass movements using remote sensing and GIS in the area North-East of Bandung, West Java Indonesia.

Wamutitu, Cecilia W. (1996) Designing a geo-information system to support revenue collection in Nairobi City Council (NCC), focusing on Housing Development Department (HDD).

Wankweng, Boniface Che (1996) Groundwater recharge assessment in a hardrock environment by well hydrograph analysis and groundwater chemistry : Rio Tormes Basin, Salamanca Province, Spain.

Welideniya, H. Senaka (1996) GIS application in foundation cost zonation for an area Sliedrecht The Netherlands : Volume II.

Wu, Rui (1996) Modelling and prototyping of information processing in housing transaction agencies : A case study in China.

Xing, Wang Zheng (1996) The change detection of citrus drought stress by integration of remote sensing and GIS : A case study Alora, Spain.

Xu, Yanying (1996) Conceptual design of the Chinese National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse Prototype.

Zhang, Jianzhong (1996) SWIR Spectra of rocks in areas affected by coal fires, Xinjiang autonomous region, P.R. of China.

van Phuc, Ho (1996) Estimation of foliage biomass of Acacia auriculiformis forest in Vietnam.

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