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Corus IJmuiden - Direct sheet plant: herinrichting van het werkvoorbereidingsproces van onderhoudswerkzaamheden

Sytema, Jorrit (2008) Corus IJmuiden - Direct sheet plant: herinrichting van het werkvoorbereidingsproces van onderhoudswerkzaamheden.

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Abstract:In this paper a new design for the maintenance preparation process will be introduced, to let the preparation of maintenance jobs be more effective and efficient. If all the maintenance jobs are well prepared, this will cause no disruptions in the actual maintenance. The research for this redesing is conducted at the Direct Sheet Plant, a working unit of Corus IJmuiden. The tasks that can be distinguished in the maintenance preparation process are: 1. Apply for article numbers and reservation of spare parts; 2. Inspection and incoming spare parts 3. Handling repair orders The problems in these three sub-processes mainly have to do with the pace in which the processes go. The slow pace in which the preparation activities can be carried out, can cause problems in repairing the spare parts. Besides that, there is a lack of good communication between the stakeholders of the process, and no good supervision on the sub-processes. A consequence of all these problems can be a lack of good spare parts for the maintenance that has to be carried out. In order to determine how the DSP performs some performance indicators have to be present in the organization. At this moment there are no good performance indicators present to review the maintenance preparation process. Therefore, some indicators are developed to measure the service rates of the application for article numbers, inspected spare parts and the movement of spare parts. A number of other indicators focus on the total time of the application for article numbers and outstanding repair orders. It is then possible to use data analysis to measure the performance of the DSP on the process. For the sub-processes that are mentioned in 1. and 2. it is not possible to do any measurements, because there is no good data available for it. The handling of repair orders therefore shows that the outstanding repair orders are open for a long time. Analysis of the repair orders that are closed in the informationsystem shows that this long time is common for all repair orders. In addition, it is noticeable that the information function of the repair orders poorly is maintained. Both the order status as the expected delivery date of the components often not corresponds with the reality. Within the different sections of the DSP the same image is often observed. This means that there are many uncertainties about the process of repairing spare parts. A consequence is that these spare parts are not available in the central warehouse for a long time. To solve these problems, a redesing has to be made for the three sub-processes. In this redesign it is clear what input is necessary for the various actions in the processes, and what the output is. According to this a scheme is made that shows what actions should be made, including their mutual relations. The responsibilities for these actions are also shown in this scheme. If the DSP is going to work according to the proposed redesign, it is able to prepare the maintenance jobs good and quickly. Hereby the chance of disruptions in the maintenance process is minimized. By using the Matrix of Change it is possible to make a plan how the changes in the organization should be implemented. This showed that the changes can be made in a slow pace. It is possible to implement the proposed performance indicators first, because these have a positive impact on the current process. After that it is necessary to apply the new redesing of the maintenance preparation process. The other organizational changes, such as creating one storage place for spare parts and the implementation of changes in communication flows, can then be implemented
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Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
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