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Writing a Reference Manual for Account Managers: At NXP Semiconductors

Stremmelaar, Dominic (2008) Writing a Reference Manual for Account Managers: At NXP Semiconductors.

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Abstract:At NXP the procedures that concern account managers are not completely in line with the actual processes and are in several cases inconsistent within themselves and compared to each other. The goal of this research is Support the formulation of procedures for account managers to prevent unintentional negative financial consequences by analyzing processes corresponding to the position of account manager at NXP. In this report an analysis has been done to give recommendations concerning the processes, the way these are documented in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and on how to use manuals (SOP’s) in a manner which increases the adherence level of the people who use these SOP’s. The following main recommendations are made regarding the specific three processes that have been analyzed: Granting and Paying out Rebates A new design of the authorization process is proposed in this research in which the process more suitable for the structure NXP uses in Europe. Returned products Several inconsistencies have been revealed in the SOP that is used for dealing with returned products and the recommendations has been made to make it mandatory to give a business justification when accepting a commercial return. Transferring customers from NXP to distributors: Before transferring a direct customer to a distributor NXP should verify that it is possible to service this customer through a distributor. When NXP has made the decision to transfer a customer NXP should align the prices to the new situation. NXP should let the customer choose the distributor and not impose a certain distributor upon a customer as this can damage the relation with the customer as well as the distributor. There should be no differences in the prices different distributors pay. This is also to ensure a healthy relationship with all distributors. With regard to manuals (SOP’s) in general the following recommendations are made: NXP should pay more heed to their quality management system. It describes how SOP’s can be kept up to date and what elements SOP’s should contain. It has been shown that NXP not always uses their quality management system. An approach has been suggested for communicating changes in procedures. RACI charts should be used to clarify the responsibilities of different people within NXP A modified version of Reliability Centered Maintenance is proposed as a method to check if documents are up to date
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NXP Semiconductors
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration BSc (56834)
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