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Global delivery of a knowledge-intensive business service : strategy for a remote sales and marketing implementation

Schmidt, Arne (2012) Global delivery of a knowledge-intensive business service : strategy for a remote sales and marketing implementation.

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Abstract:The market demand for knowledge-intensive business services rises on a global scale while customers demand more for less. Suppliers therefore have to go global as well and face new potential customers in not yet before experienced national environments. The purpose of this thesis is to show how suppliers can capitalize on transactional relationships with new customers to keep costs for both parties low while simultaneously coping with the challenges of a knowledge asymmetry between customers and suppliers and the need for a trustworthy relationship between both parties. Central stays a marketing approach via the internet and a strategy based on consistent processes and outcomes and the symbolic value of gift giving of information. It will be shown that information has to be measurable, should be customer-specific and directly applicable by the customer in its own environment to be regarded as valuable knowledge by the customer. Warranties and certifications provided by the supplier and/or a trustworthy third party are useful to increase the value of information for customers. A combination of standardization and customization in regard to the service and its marketing is decisive in the task of keeping costs low while simultaneously being meaningful to the customer. Promising geographical markets are low context countries with loose cultures. Organizations that follow a prospector-like strategy will be shown to be the most valuable target group at the beginning of a market launch of a knowledge-intensive business service. Thereby the in scholarly literature agreed on importance of interpersonal relationships in marketing and sales of knowledge-intensive business services will be questioned. The author undertook a literature review conform the Grounded Theory method and developed on basis of the insights an innovative web-based instantiation, validated by expert reviews. The instantiation is tailored to a specific supplier, to underline its practical impact on the challenges under study. The thesis addresses scholars as well as practitioners. To support both parties in selective reading the thesis is split up in a theoretical and a practical part. By developing innovative ways to establish customer trust on a remote basis the author hopes to contribute to the content of the knowledge base for further research and practice.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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