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Influence of different parameters on wet synthesis of silver nanoparticles

Pris, Miran (2014) Influence of different parameters on wet synthesis of silver nanoparticles.

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Abstract:Due to the increased production of silver nanoparticles in the last decade, the aqueous environment is getting increasingly polluted with these small contaminants. Membranes are seen as a promising technique to remove the silver nanoparticles from water. This research focuses on optimal reaction conditions and reaction mixture composition for manufacturing of silver nanoparticles, leading to monodisperse colloidal suspensions with high stability. During this research, silver nanoparticles were synthesized by applying the wet synthesis technique and more specifically, the reduction method. By using three different reducing agents, the influence of 6 parameters (reducing agent used, reaction mixture composition, reaction temperature, stirring period, addition of stabilizing agent and the variation of the pH-value) on the mean particle size, sample stability and the degree of dispersion were investigated. The quality of the synthesized samples was characterized by UV-Vis, DLS and zeta-potential measurements.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:33 physics
Programme:Applied Physics BSc (56962)
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