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Explicit treatment advice in urology: Trick or Treat?

HULSHOF, L. (2015) Explicit treatment advice in urology: Trick or Treat?

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Abstract:Choosing the best treatment for patients with localized prostate cancer is a challenge for both treating specialists and patients. The use of a digital value clarification decision tool, which clarifies patient’s treatment preferences and gives a preference-based advice, could assist in this decision-making process. It enables patients to participate in shared decision making. In this study, the current decision aid of the St. Elisabeth hospital is analyzed and optimized to a value clarification decision tool. Two pilot tests were performed. The results of these pilot tests were positive. With an average note of 8.5 (existing decision aid: 7.8) and a high willingness to use, the value clarification decision tool could be a valuable addition to existing health care. However, before the value clarification decision tool can be used in practice, the last recommendations of the participants have to be taken into account. Furthermore, a scientific experiment is advisable to confirm the results and increase statistical power. The implementation of the value clarification decision tool can, besides assisting in answering the question ‘Trick or treat?’, also open a new area in existing care by empowering patients and creating new roles in the decision-making process between specialists and patients.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:70 social sciences in general, 77 psychology
Programme:Health Sciences MSc (66851)
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