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Abstract:HoSt b.v. is situated in Enschede, the Netherlands and is specialized in engineering and building durable installations. These are divided in two categories, the first being combustion powered installations to generate electricity, and the second is biogas generation from organic materials. This report is made for the latter category and more specific in the biogas upgrading area. The microferm concept is taken as a starting point to adjust future installations to specific demands. These demands are regarding the amount of gas to be upgraded and another important aspect is the maximum amount of manure that can be processed. The installation that is designed must be transported easily and the building time on site must be low, because the object is to build a lot of these installations in a short time. The structure of the report is as follows. The current microferm installation is analysed in terms of equipment, layout, and process parameters. In the conceptual design phase a datasheet is used to determine the dimensions and capacities of the digester for the required amount of manure and biogas production. For the previous mentioned development categories some solutions are provided to make a more detailed design. The design choices are bases on costs, building time, ease of transport, and the experience of host. The required amount of heat for the process is calculated by determining and calculation the heat loss of the process. After these calculations the general layout is made and adjusted to come up with the most efficient design in terms of safety zones, costs, quick building time, and transportability. This resulted in a general design layout for the new microferm concept as shown below. The installation consist of two main components namely the container and the digester. The container is a standard 40 ft. container which houses all equipment and control units. The digester consists of a concrete tank with insulation, heating and a double membrane roof. This design forms a good basis but requires more detailing before it can actually be build. The costs can be estimated for this design because all main components are known, but this is kept outside the scope of this report.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
HoSt bv, the Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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