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The needs and wishes of healthcare professionals regarding the use of an eHealth technology

Wolferen, P.C. van (2019) The needs and wishes of healthcare professionals regarding the use of an eHealth technology.

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Abstract:Introduction: In 2017, more than 1.6 million people suffered from cardiovascular diseases in The Netherlands. After suffering from a cardiac incident, patients are offered a cardiac rehabilitation program. The use of technology in the form of an electronic patient portal (EPP) can help optimize the efficiency of rehabilitation and improve disease maintenance of patients. When developing a technology, it is important to involve different stakeholders. Most studies focus on the views of the patient, however, the views of healthcare professionals (HCPs) are just as important, but often underexposed. Therefore, this study focusses on the views of the healthcare professional regarding the development of an EPP. The aim of this study is to elicit system requirements by uncovering the needs and values of healthcare professionals. Methods: This study performs secondary analysis on a data set collected within the Benefit project. This data set contained 16 interviews with healthcare professionals. Interviews were transcribed and inductively coded in Atlas.ti 8. Quotes were then exported to Excel to elicit requirements. First, attributes were determined by studying each quote. Second, the underlying values of that quote were determined. Third, based on the quote, attribute and corresponding value(s), requirements were formulated. Results: six (out of 16) HCPs have a need for good reliable information to provide to patients. Eight HCPs are concerned on losing sight of patients after cardiac rehabilitation. Nine HCPs stated that they want to see a trend in the health data of their patients. HCPs value efficiency (16 HCPs), providing good quality of care (14 HCPs), giving personalized care (12 HCPs), and overview and being informed (11 HCPs). Requirements that were reflected by the most healthcare professionals are: the system must provide a visual image of the patient’s health values to the healthcare professional (8 HCPs); the system should be linked to external databases with scientific, reliable information to support the healthcare professional (7HCPs); the system must have a low-threshold for healthcare professionals (7 HCPs); and the system must be used in a multidisciplinary manner (4 HCPs). Conclusions: The results of this study show the needs and wants of HCPs concerning the functionalities, content, and use of technology. Since HCPs are part of the intended end-users, it is important to incorporate the context and values of HCPs when developing a technology, to ensure a match between user and technology. An EPP supported and endorsed by HCPs is potentially the key to increase adoption by patients.
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Programme:Health Sciences MSc (66851)
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