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Issues of iterative mda-bades software development processes

Vos, Geert (2008) Issues of iterative mda-bades software development processes.

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Abstract:The major parts of the case study are the rebuilding of a small-sized software system using RUP and MDA, and applying maintenance to that system. The first part of the case study consists of four phases: the inception phase, elaboration phase, construction phase and the transition phase. In the inception phase we developed an architecture for the system and an architecture for the MDA approach. Both architectures were tested in the elaboration phase. In this phase the first use-case was implemented. Two meta-models were created to implement this use-case, an ASP and a C# meta-model. We also created two UML profiles. A profile for the domain models and a profile for user-experience models. The meta-models and profiles were developed in the elaboration phase. Based on the UML profiles, two models were made. A domain model, modeling the business objects of our system and an user-experience model which models the user interface and navigation of our system. The UML models were transformed into C# and ASP models using model transformations written in QVT. In the construction phase the second use-case was implemented. The implementation required adaption of the meta-models and transformations. Also a new meta-model was introduced: Sitemap. This meta-model is used to model the main menu of the system at platform specific level. The last phase of this project, the transition phase, consisted of two iterations. In the first iteration the rebuilt system was tested and deployed. In the second iteration we applied maintenance to the system. We implemented four change requests to observe the impact of the MDA approach with respect to maintenance.
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Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:54 computer science
Programme:Computer Science MSc (60300)
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