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Ageing and large-consolidation of cement-based grouts

Bangoyina, P. (2008) Ageing and large-consolidation of cement-based grouts.

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Abstract:This thesis describes a study of large and small consolidation of cement-based grouts using an analytical and a numerical (Finite Element) method. The study zooms in on the bleeding (drainage) behavior and efficiency (volume losses) resulting from reductions in the grouts water content under grouting (injection) pressures. The part of water content lost due to hydraulic drainage and that due to hydration are considered. Drainage can be studied (idealized) by Terzaghi’s (small) or Biot’s (large) consolidation theories. Hydration on the other hand results in errors in estimating drainage when applying the consolidation theories. Hydration losses are considered relevant if the consolidation test duration is long aging). It remains to be seen from this study if aging is significant or not for a short experimental time of a thin 2 cm grout specimen tested, at different water contents and viscosity, to full consolidation.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering and Management MSc (60026)
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