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Ontwerpondersteuning in het Kader van het Solar Chandelier Project

Kettler, Sebastian (2009) Ontwerpondersteuning in het Kader van het Solar Chandelier Project.

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Abstract:This report presents the results of the bachelor assignment Ontwerpondersteuning [Engl.:‘Design assistance’] which was part of the Solar Chandelier project that was set up by Demakersvan. The goal of this assignment was to translate the artistic design, that was made by Demakersvan, into a working and producible product. Different parts of the chandelier are elaborated in different ways. The design processes of those will be abstracted shortly below. The results of the assignment enable Demakersvan to build and produce the chandelier. For the integration of the solarcells, that are cut in the form of butterflies, into the chandelier, a sandwich construction is developed to strengthen and protect the cells. The construction is based on a research on sandwich construction techniques for solarcells in general. There is analyzed which methods and techniques can be applied in the design of the sandwich construction for the butterfly-solarcells. By testing, the most applicable technique is chosen. Thereafter a technique for connecting the different solarcells is developed. Aside from the sandwich construction, there is worked on a frame construction that can carry all the butterflies, and can therefore be the backbone of the chandelier. Digital models of such a construction are made in Solidworks and are transformed partly into real models. The results of testing and researches on possible materials and production techniques are summed up in a recommendation for the construction of the frame. The third part of the assignment was the design of a connection and mounting of the butterflies on the frame. This part is worked out in a draft-proposal. Therefor, also digital models are made in Solidworks which were produced by rapid prototyping techniques. The models are based on tests analyzed and improved. The results of the researches on the butterfly sandwich construction and the connection and mounting are combined in a functional prototype.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Demakersvan, Rotterdam
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:51 materials science
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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