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Computer on wheels : haalbaarheidsstudie

Hurk, Anne van den (2009) Computer on wheels : haalbaarheidsstudie.

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Abstract:The purpose of the assignment was to answer the question whether it is possible to develop, produce and assemble a CoW in house for a good cost price with a maximum of 1500 euro. Important is also if it is possible to innovate a CoW (at broad conceptual level) technically, functionally and aesthetically as much as needed to meet the requirements of the Benelux market, and have a clear added value compared to the competition and thanks these innovations stay below the maximal cost price. A CoW in full is a Computer on Wheels, a medical cabinet that houses a computer used by nursing personel in departments of a hospital. On this computer the user can read and enter patient data. This happens next to the bed of the patient, sitting or standing. The CoW must meet certain requirements, the height must be adjustable, the monitor should hinge on the x-y-and z-axis etc. (see p. 13, 18 and 19). The market supply is quite large, but it counts for all products on that market that there are good and bad sides. The requirements of the Benelux market are quite strict and this is the gap in the market which Alphatron Medical should focus on. To see if it was possible to add the good points of the examined products and to improve the inferior points, a concept was created. This concept includes several innovations, including the screen fixation and the height adjustment mechanism. The screen fixation uses a lever that is easily accessible when holding the display. In addition, a ball joint is used, the connection is compact and can easily be turned in several directions. The mechanism is based on a mechanism used in an examined model, the Ergotron Style View (p.15), but the mechanism is simplified and improved, making it more solid, with fewer parts required (see p. 30). The concept is, as described in the purpose of the assignment, a broad concept, but it was necessary to develop each part as far as possible, so they could actually be produced. The concept is a 3D model, in which all components are modeled. Then these components are included in an assembly, with which could be determined whether the concept really worked. This accounts for the height adjustment mechanism, display fixation and keyboard sliders (see respectively page, 30, 44 and 41). Of all components a drawing with dimensions is created. Using these drawings a company is able to create an offer. The parts are divided into production groups, metal machining, metal non-machining, plastic machining, plastic non-machining and purchase parts. A few parts are molded, extruded or injection molded. On the basis of these groups companies are approached to create an offer for the production of 500 and 2000 CoWs. For each group, two companies approached. Besides the production companies, two turn-key companies are approached, that could take up the entire production and assembly. On the basis of these offers the cost price is calculated for the cheapest, most expensive and average price option. These are compared to the offers of the turn-key companies. The maximum price of 1500 includes a battery of 800 euro, which leaves a maximum of 700 euros for manufacturing and assembly costs. This maximum price of 700 euro can only be obtained when a turn-key company is chosen, or when the production is at least 2000 pieces. This mainly has to do with the parts for which molds are needed, such as the columns or the worksheet. (see p.56). The research shows that small changes in a product can have a large impact on the price. Alphatron Medical would like a complete redesign, which the concept is not. A new design should be created, taking into account the results of this study.
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