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Improving joint venture/alliance success through effective conflict management: the case of Sino-Dutch partnerships

Lieshout, Sjors van (2011) Improving joint venture/alliance success through effective conflict management: the case of Sino-Dutch partnerships.

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Abstract:This study analyses Sino-Dutch partnerships and the impact of conflict management on these ventures. More than 50% of all Sino-Dutch partnerships lead to termination due misunderstandings, disagreements between parties resulting in conflicts, problems in daily operations and the allocation of responsibilities. The study analyzes this complicated form of market entry between Dutch and Chinese parties and strives to find fitting solutions for the high termination rate. By interviewing eleven experts on the field of Sino-Dutch partnerships substantial information was gathered regarding this subject. Examples of pitfalls and resolution styles were discussed as well as cultural barriers and communication forms to get familiar with the hurdles of Sino-Dutch partnerships and the associated conflict resolution styles. In the end we can conclude that the influence of effective conflict management has a substantial influence on the longevity of a Sino-Dutch partnership. It is this efficiency in solving conflicts which can effectively turn conflicts and pitfalls which hinder Sino-Dutch partnership’s longevity into positive outcomes when dealt with collaboratively and professionally. Although there are many important elements for running a successful partnership, conflict management is often the last resort which defines partnership success or failure. In order to gain this effectiveness, both parties should focus on encouraging mutual openness and understanding, face value confirmation, private one-on-one conflict discussion and focus on creative win/ win conflict solving for both parties. Furthermore, the study found other important factors leading to partnership success: clear definition of plans of the foreign partner, putting substantial effort in finding the right partner, clearly defined partnership agreements which focus on mutual goals and objectives for the ideal win/win situation, clear communication which continuously insures that these goals are reached and clear solid conflict management methods in order to effectively solve any problems that might arise.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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