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Het ontwikkelen van ULDs voor een OVV-netwerk

Will, Jelle (2012) Het ontwikkelen van ULDs voor een OVV-netwerk.

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Abstract:In the course of this project the complications surrounding the development and optimization of a ULDbased transportation system which will make use of Unmanned Aerial Freighters (UAFs) have been examined and expounded. The use of ULDs in the transportation of cargo is quite common in the airfreight industry because it is known to increase efficiency, though there are some genuine concerns considering the usage of ULDs in the current cargo handling systems. In this project the solving of these problems will be paramount. The development of the UAF-network requires efficiency and the potential automation of parts of the system, the design of the ULDs and peripheral equipment will be crucial in this effort. This result is achieved in this project by literature analyses of the systems involved. The facets of the UAFnetwork that will be examined in this project are: the stakeholders, the ULD handling systems, the UAFs, and the ULDs themselves. These features of the design will all be approached from the perspective of the usage of the ULDs, and will in this fashion contribute to the development of a ULD handling system. This report will also focus on the actual design process, by preposing a step-by-step program. This will aid the future designers in the conceptualization of new ideas and concepts. The results of the project are a number of extensive analyses of the subsystems involved in the UAFnetwork and a information database for future designers to draw from. The information gathered in this report can be used in conjunction with the step-by-step program in the development of the systems and subsystems involved in the UAF-network to make logical and justifiable decisions. Parallel to this effort a number of ideas and concepts for the subsystems have been devised which in combination with the accumulated knowledge can serve as a starting point for upcoming development of the UAF project. The development of ULDs and the ULD handling systems is an extensive and complex process. In the design process a lot of factors have to be accounted for. This report and project help to structure the development and design process. In this stage of the project it is possible to come up with some credible ideas and concepts for the ULDs and processing systems. For the further development of the UAF-network and the ULDs there should be further in-depth analyses and investigations, as well as additional creation of ideas and concepts.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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