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Schuimreiniging in de vleesverwerkende industrie

Stortelder, Teun (2012) Schuimreiniging in de vleesverwerkende industrie.

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Abstract:The company Waterkracht Ltd. suspects that there are opportunities in the field of cleaning systems for the meat industry. The company, located at Varsseveld, is specialized in high pressure (>40 Bar) cleaning systems. In the company there is a lack of knowledge about requirements and possibilities in the meat industry. They do not know which specific products are available on the market. They do know that cleaning is usually done with foam and low pressure(<20 Bar). Waterkracht Ltd. wants to know more about the requirements and competitors before they decide to extend their product range with cleaning systems for the meat industry. The goal of this assignment is to clarify the requirements and competitors in the field of cleaning systems for the meat industry. This clarification will lead to an advice on buying or developing a system. Finally, a draft for a possible system is presented. The first thing that will be done to reach this goal is some research to find out what the requirements of the industry are, thereafter the competitors will be outlined. These two steps will lead to a list of requirements and design guidelines which will be used to develop the draft. The requirements which should be fulfilled in the meat industry are: • Cleaning has to be done every day. • Every surface that is directly, or indirectly in contact with the food has to be disinfected with water that has a temperature of at least 82°C, or any other treatment that achieves the same results. In none of the requirements is mentioned that the cleaning should happen with foam and low pressure. The reason why the whole industry uses this method is the fact that cleaning with higher pressure causes more aerosol. Aerosol are small water particles which may contain micro-organisms. The leading company of cleaning systems for the meat industry is called Ecolab Ltd. This company is a manufacturer of chemicals, the cleaning systems are not their main business, it is a side product. Lagafors Ltd. is specialized in cleaning systems, at the moment they are not supplying to the Dutch market. Elpress Ltd. is the main competitor in the Netherlands. They are specialized in industrial cleaning systems and they deliver high quality products. Waterkracht Ltd. is recommended to initially buy the cleaning systems instead of developing them themselves, Lagafors Ltd could be a potential partner. If Waterkracht Ltd. starts as a distributor they are able to discover the market from the inside and they are able to enter the market relatively quick. Developing the system will not only take more time, but also more costs will be included. Higher costs results in higher risks, therefore developing a system involves higher risks. The developed draft should be brought to the next level (or five levels after that) before it is ready for production. On that account Waterkracht Ltd. is recommended to investigate the feasibility of the project. A clearer view on the costs and benefits is needed to make a decision about entering the market of the cleaning systems for the meat industry. If Waterkracht Ltd. uses the time of the investigation to operate as a seller on the market, they will be able to make a deliberated decision when the investigations are finished.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Waterkracht BV, Varsseveld, Nederland
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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