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Het ontwerpen van de behuizing voor het CareBOX systeem

Zande, Youp van der (2012) Het ontwerpen van de behuizing voor het CareBOX systeem.

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Abstract:The CareBOX project is initiated by Inertia Technology and a consortium of several other companies in order to develop a product that supports caregivers in caring their loved one who suffers from Alzheimer or a similar disease. The CareBOX system monitors the activities of the demented elder using a system of sensors that are placed indoors. This data can be viewed remotely by the caregiver by a smartphone or computer and gives a notification if a clear change in behaviour is being measured. CareBOX is therefore a perfect tool to ease the caregiver. When starting this bachelor assignment the initial research phase was finished. At that moment it was impor- tant to translate the first product idea to an further developed concept by creating a uniform design where the box, the case of the fixed and portable sensor and the casing of the iFrame form a matching whole. Development of a system functionality and the functionality of each part are equally important. This bachelor assignment started with an extensive analysis where the target group (Caregivers and demented elders), the existing requirements and the competing systems have been examined. Some interviews were held subsequently to answer the remaining questions. The analysis part of the bachelor assignment has been con- cluded by creating the list of requirements. These list contains the existing requirements complemented with own findings. In this way a clear image of the problem area was created. Thereafter first sketches were made to think of ways to meet the stated requirements. At that moment it be- came clear that developing a reliable way to let the elder wear the portable sensor for a full day solely would not likely lead to a good design. Therefore a brainstorm session was held were several participants with differ- ent relevant backgrounds joint to create a solution for this problem. The ideas that resulted out of this session served as a base for the 3 concepts which had to be created. The first 3 concepts that were created turned out to be too random since they lacked an underlying idea. By taking the dementia phases that usually occur, splitting them in 3 groups and choosing suitable solutions for each group concepts were created that did meet the requirements. By creating the concepts in this manner there is good chance that the caregiver is always able to choose a suitable product that meets the demands and capabilities of the demented elder. In the last part of this bachelor assignment the concepts are reviewed on the basis of the previously set requirements. This made clear that to review the concepts in a proper way a use test with the potential users is necessary. Nevertheless the three concepts seem to fulfill the demanded functionalities and therefore are interesting concepts to further develop into a finished CareBOX system. The questions as stated in the plan of action are answered as well.
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Inertia Technology
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Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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