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Een moderne buitenkachellijn: over de totstandkoming van de buitenkachellijn voor de 'hogere', design-georienteerde doelgroep

Reuvers, Remco (2013) Een moderne buitenkachellijn: over de totstandkoming van de buitenkachellijn voor de 'hogere', design-georienteerde doelgroep.

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Abstract:This bachelor report displays and describes the steps which are taken during the design of the outside fireplace range. These fireplaces have to arouse the interest of the ‘higher market’. The price of the products will be relatively higher than the other fireplaces of Esschert, but at the same time, the design of the new products makes this price worth. In the analysis phase it is made clear which company we are dealing with and what products are produced by Esschert. Some research has been done on competitive fireplaces and outdoor fireplaces in general. The necessary information has been researched in this phase, so it is possible to design in a responsible way. The input of Esschert and the found information, is finally assembled and converted into a List of Requirements, which forms the basis of the followings steps and decisions. In the idea phase, the known information is put together and converted into ideas. In this phase, the designing process is very diffuse, wherein the main form of the fireplaces are based on the foundation given by Esschert. This design phase comes in close consultation with the main person who is responsible for the product development department. In cooperation with the ultimate responsible person, the directions were determined, so that both parties could work with satisfaction on designing the fireplaces. The ideas that emerged from the idea phase, will be converged and developed in the next phase. Finally, there are four concepts / choices arise, which individually could be developed to new products. These are also included in the new catalog of Esschert. The four concepts form a range, because of recurrent features. This gives the customers the ability to choose for their own taste and needs, but every fireplace still has the properties of the design range. The subsequent phase is an elaboration of the concept phase, where the fireplaces are analyzed and tested in various ways. There are some strength and stiffness calculations done and the heat flow and thermal conductivity of the fireplaces is tested. The material is at this moment fixed and some changes have been made with respect to the price of the fireplaces. One of the main points in this project is the profitability of the products. The purchase must be as cheap as possible and the price is generally fixed in advance. How to design towards a price, became clear during this project. Nevertheless it is sometimes difficult to meet the predetermined requirements. This might be because of some unfavorable design choices, but also because of unrealistic predetermined points. This and other issues are discussed in the conclusion. Also, some recommendations has been made and the taken steps are reviewed. There is also a prototype of one of the fireplaces, so the reality of the designed product can be tested. This gives more insight into the problems and difficulties that can occur with such a design.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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