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Simons, Pauline (2012) Skotty.

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Abstract:The purpose of the bachelor assignment is to perform a project in co-operation with a business in a professional field.  This assignment is performed at the company Philips.  The project that is worked on is the Skotty.  The purpose of the Skotty is to develop a kit with a combination of diagnostics and communication equipment.  The Skotty is easy to carry, easy to operate and includes a method to be able to set up a communication with someone at another location.  This form factor has to be designed to persuade the client that this product has the potention of to be developed.  e form factor prototype can be used in communication with the target group to find their user requirements.  The Skotty will be used by nurses and technicians in the remote areas of China and India. In these countries is a growing economic middle class but the healthcare providing falls behind.  There are good healthcare possibilities for the population in urban areas but the inhabitants of the rural regions are not able to use those.  The Skotty consists of existing Philips’ technologies, available in three configurations: - Basic diagnostics (weight scale, blood pressure meter and glucose meter) With these technologies the body mass index, hypertension/cardiovascular diseases and diabetes can be diagnosed. - Advanced diagnostics 1 (X-ray) With these technology a scan of the chest and bones can be performed. Diseases like tuberculosis (TB) can be diagnosed with the X-ray scan. - Advanced diagnostics 2 (Ultrasound)  The ultrasound module is used for obstetrics, to perform an echo. (not researched in this assignment)  These diagnostic technologies can be
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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