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Herontwerp van de Seaswing Toddler voor Kids Nautique

Broekman, Mike Julien Johannes (2013) Herontwerp van de Seaswing Toddler voor Kids Nautique.

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Abstract:This project has been executed as a Bachelor assignment for the University of Twente and Kids Nautique. Kids Nautique offered this assignment in order to obtain a redesign of their Seaswing. The Seaswing has been on the market for the past three years but did not sell as good as expected. Therefore they wanted to reduce the number of different designs and add the ability to use it outside the boat’s cabin. In order to make this possible an adapter to fit the winches was developed. Even with the use of this adapter modification to the Seaswing’s design need to be made. First the current situation has been analyzed. A lot of people come up with provisionally solutions themselves in order to keep their child sitting on board. Next an investigation was started to find out which boats would be suitable best for these families with very young kids. The issues one can face on board have been mapped. In case of making use of the winch adapter, it’s position would cause the biggest challenge. After the market scan and investigation position to use the Seaswing on board the target group was analysed. All important characteristics from both children and parents have been identified and categorized. Children up to one year old show other characteristics than children in the age range of 1 to 3 years old. The younger ones require a more lying position because of their underdeveloped muscle structure. The Seaswing should also fit nicely around the baby’s tiny body . With the help of some experts and a group of test subjects, alternatives for improvements to the Seaswing were identified. These sessions led to a lot of ideas. Since all information, both issues and opportunities, was gathered a user requirement specification could be distilled. The ideas were translated into drafts during the design phase. By means of a morphologic diagram all ideas were canalized into three concepts. The three concepts have been elaborated in order to be able to make a choice for one of them. The choice was made based on the results coming from various analysis, the original user requirement specifications and the additional demands made by Kids Nautique during the process. As soon as the choice was made, the chosen concept was elaborated in detail. By means of a shaping process various parts have been designed. Solid Works models have been made. Part of this process was the search for applicable materials and production methods best suitable for the job and to combine all of that into an advice to Kids Nautique. The newly designed Seaswing is suitable for all children in the age range of 0 to 3 years and can be fitted outside the boat’s cabin to either one of the winches by means of the winch adapter. Kids Nautique has been given the advice to set up a web-shop in order to restart selling the Seaswing. With this also accessories to the Seaswing can be sold.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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