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Preparation and characterization of p-n homojunction Cu2O nanowire solar cells

Cornelissen, R.H.A. (2012) Preparation and characterization of p-n homojunction Cu2O nanowire solar cells.

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Abstract:This thesis presents an experimental study on the preparation and characterisation of p-n homojunction Cu2O nanowire solar cells. The investigated preparation route starts with templated electrodeposition of p-type Cu2O nanowires. After dissolution of the template, free standing nanowires are left. Then a bottom layer of p-type Cu2O is deposited and a final electrodeposition of n-type Cu2O fills the voids and forms the p-n junction. Nanowires were successfully deposited, however dissolution of the membrane was not successful; a 40nm residual layer was left, which resulted in the impossibility to deposit the bottom p-type layer. Without the bottom deposition, it was tried to create a p-n junction by directly depositing the n-type Cu2O on top of the nanowires. Characterisation was carried out by a chrono amperometric measurement of the nanowires in NaSO4 and linear sweep voltage measurements on the synthesised solar cells. The nanowires showed a relatively high photocurrent density of 47 μA/cm2. Most of the solar cells provided linear I-V curves, probably due to internal short circuit. Although two of the solar cells showed p-n junction like behaviour, no photocurrent was generated.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:33 physics
Programme:Applied Physics BSc (56962)
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