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Lightweight Roof System of a Sustainable Vehicle

Oostrum, Alieke Josette van (2013) Lightweight Roof System of a Sustainable Vehicle.

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Abstract:The aim of this bachelor thesis is to design a concept for a lightweight roof system for the Quattrocycle and give recommendations about the materials and the constructions. A Quattrocycle is a four person bike with bike support. The main question that has to be answered is: “Which concept for a lightweight roof system can be recommended based on materials, constructions, processes and the requirements of the client?” The Quattrocycle can be used for doing grocery shopping, bringing kids to school, visiting friends in other cities or in the country side, and for going on holidays. The roof system should offer protection against rain from the front and above. The Quattrocycle has to become a sustainable vehicle that runs on 80% human power and 20% solar energy. The requirements of the client, the Dutch laws, a user scenario and an analysis of lightweight materials and constructions are used as a base for five general concept directions for a lightweight roof system. In order to choose which of the two concepts should be developed further, additional research was done on the line of sight, entering and leaving the Quattrocycle, attachment points and solar energy. The two concepts are: • Concept Car, based on carbon fibre composites • Concept Outdoor, a tent-based concept These concepts were to be developed further, based on the conclusions of the previous researches. Both concepts have an aluminium frame and a rain protector against rain from the sides. Those concepts were compared to the requirements. After the end of the discussion concept Outdoor was chosen as the final concept. The concept Outdoor was therefore developed in more detail and some changes in the design were made. The costs, production processes and the assembly are described as well. At the end of the chapter conclusions are made based on the vision and the requirements. The final concept weights 16kg and the roof can be partially removed. The requirement of 20% solar energy is reached easily. Therefore the final concept met nearly all of the requirements and some of the wishes of the client. Recommendations for the rain protector, solar energy, maintenance and the baggage are also given.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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