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Transverse pressure dependence of ac coupling losses in YBCO CORC cables

Krielaart, M.A.R. (2013) Transverse pressure dependence of ac coupling losses in YBCO CORC cables.

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Abstract:It is necessary to find a way to produce superconducting cables in such a way that the losses in alternating (AC) magnetic fields are as low as possible. One of the methods that is currently tested is the losses that occur in YBCO Conductor on Round Core (CORC) cables. In this type of cable, multiple YBCO tapes are wounded around a central tube. It is the purpose of this report to describe the effect of a transverse mechanical pressure on such cables on the coupling losses that occur for different external magnetic field frequencies, as this coupling losses are a function of frequency and pressure. To measure the resulting coupling losses, inductive measurements have been done alongside calorimetric loss measurements. The data of the last method is, however, for further on described arguments not used in the presentation of the data in this report. Although this disables the possibility to speak about losses in absolute terms, still relative effects can be studied with this data. It follows from the experiments that the used setup is not sensitive enough to measure any significant coupling losses. Some arguments on whether this is because the coupling losses are really small or if this is a set-up only ’problem’, are discussed.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:33 physics
Programme:Applied Physics BSc (56962)
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