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QuikScan in het basisonderwijs

Eck, Marjolein van (2014) QuikScan in het basisonderwijs.

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Abstract:Background: QuickScan is a newly developed text design that improves understanding and memorizing texts. A QS text contains various short summaries. They provide the reader with an overview of the content and structure of the text. Each QS summary contains three to five numbered sentences that refer to numbered paragraphs in the main text. Aim: QuickScan texts have proven to be effective for students in secondary education. The goal of this research is to measure the efficacy of QuickScan texts for students in primary education. Two important aspects in this process are comprehension and retention. Aspects such as reading time and results in relation to the level of question are also taken into consideration. Finally, the effects of gender and group division are explored. Method: 63 respondents between the ages ten and thirteen participated in this study, by reading a QS text and a non-QS text. Afterwards they were asked to answer a series of (open-ended) questions aimed at understanding and fill in the right keyword in a sentence from the text (retention). Results: No significant differences have been found between a QS text and a non-QS text. However, girls appeared to score better on comprehension of texts. The older children from group eight scored better on comprehension in the second session than the younger children from group seven. Conclusions: The results do not confirm earlier studies on this research subject. Perhaps that leads to the conclusion that primary students have too little reading experience to profit from the support that QS offers. Keywords: QuikScan, primary education, text comprehension, retention, reading.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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