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Asociaal gedrag op internet : extreem gedrag in sociale media

Hofland, L. (2014) Asociaal gedrag op internet : extreem gedrag in sociale media.

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Abstract:These days, Social Media is a daily activity and people have different boundaries when showing extreme behavior online. In certain circumstances people will be influenced by other people and will take over their point of view. Another investigation showed that not-neutral Photo’s will be coded more precisely in the brain and will remain longer in the memory than neutral Photo’s, which has an effect on human behavior. This investigation looked at if people will flame themselves when they are influenced by other people, Number of Flames, or by the kind Photo shown. 90 people participated in this investigation. All people were asked to first look at the Photo and read the Number of Flames. Then they were asked to write a comment themselves. Depending upon the Number of Flames (none, low or high) and Type of Photo (neutral or not-neutral) one could measure if the respondents were influenced by the number of Flames or the Type of Photo. The Logistic Regression was used to analyze the data to see if Number of Flames and Photo´s have an effect on people´s flaming behavior. People are more likely to flame by not-neutral Photo’s in comparison with a neutral Photo’s. The Number of Flames does not have an effect on people´s flaming behavior. There is also no interaction effect between Number of Flames and Type of Photo. For future research it would be interesting to change the design of the investigation. A more accurate design might help to state the effect of Number of Flames on people´s flaming behavior more precisely. Another important aspect is to include another investigator to code the comments so an interrater-reliability check can be done to prevent the investigator being influenced by her investigation.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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