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Sociale media en politie

Runge, R.C.M. (2014) Sociale media en politie.

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Abstract:Purpose. The growth of social media in society has the effect that almost every citizen is using it. Social media are both used in the private field, and the work field. Social media makes it possible to place. Social media makes it possible to post content on the internet without further control. This does not only provide possibilities but also brings risks with it. The context of this research will focus particularly on potential risks of social media for the police, if social media is used by police officers. It examines whether negative posts from police officers affect both the citizens' confidence in the police as well as the willingness to cooperate. This is checked both at the level of individual as well as organizational. Methods This study is a 2 (Source: Organization versus individual) x 2 (Message: neutral vs. negative) between subjects factorial design study. To measure trust the trust-scale of Mayer, Davis, and Schoormann (1995) is used. Willingness to cooperate is measured using the Black and Minority Ethnic Survey (BME). Results. For general trust both source and message had no significant main effect. But an interaction-effect was found for source and message. It was found that neutral or negative value of a message has a statistically significant effect on trust that is experienced when the post comes from a police organization. When the message is sent by a police officer it does not affect the experienced trust. Measuring the sub-constructs ability, benevolence and integrity, only ability had a marginally significant main effect for message. For negative messages trust was lower than for neutral messages. For the construct willingness to cooperate no significant effect could be found. Conclusion. This study shows that private messages from police officers have no impact on citizens' trust in the police. Messages from an organizational resource appear to diminish the trust of citizens in the police. Willingness to cooperate was not altered by this experiment.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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