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Cockpitontwerp voor de V20 Solarracer

Wolff, Tjitte de (2014) Cockpitontwerp voor de V20 Solarracer.

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Abstract:This report has been made for the bachelorassignment, part of the Industrieel Ontwerpen programme at the Universiteit Twente. The bachelorassignment started in the third quartile of the academic year 2013-2014 and was completed in the first quartile of the academic year 2014-2015. The subject of this report is the design of a cockpit for the V20 solarracer. The V20 is the newest generation of solarboats from Vripack, a large yachtdesign company based in Sneek. The V20 is a boat that will be used for solarrace events like the Dong Energy Solar Challenge. In these races the boats have to depend on solar-energy to navigate over the water. To increase speed from the limited power that is provided by the solarpanels the V20 is equiped with hydrofoils that lift the boat out of the water. With the V20 Vripack makes a new leap in the development of solarboats. The V20 is the first solarboat that will commerciale available. The intention of the company is to make participating in solarraces available for organisations that do not have the means or the knowledge to build their own solarracer. Because the boat will be sold the design of the cockpit has to be more elaborate than the average solarracer. To achieve this, the demands for the cockpit have been determined by making analyses about the designfilosofie of the V20, the characteristics of the V20 and the rules the boat has to comply with. In the investigation of the designfilosofie the intentions of Vripack with the solarracer were found. In addition to this the designstyle of the company was researched. From this research it was concluded that the company does not strive for a fixed stylingmethod. However it does have a distinguishing designmethod. This method is called the Holistic Design Approach and is used by the company to be able to develop an entire ship from design till productiondrawings. In the last part of the research after the designfilosofie the inspirationssources used for the design of the V20 were investigated. In the analysis of the characteristics of the V20 important information about the functions of the boat, the used materials, shapes, colors and dimensions were collected. The requirements which were derived from these characteristics have been collected. In adition to requirements which are imposed by the solarraceorganisations for participating solarboats also weight and producability put restrictions on the cockpit. These requirements were determined and collected. The final requirements were determined using an analysis of the use of the V20 by writing a scenario, making a useranalysis and an analysis of the occuring forces. All requirements were collected in a schedule of requirements which was used to base the design upon. Also moodboards and designstudies were made and partial solutions for the design problems were identified. With this information three concepts were created. These concepts, the Luxury & Performance concept, Futuristic & Ecologic concept en het Dynamic & Sporty concept were rated using the schedule of requirements. The best concept was developed into the final design of the cockpit. In order to make the final design designsketches and clay-models were made. This resulted in a 3D model that captures the geometry of the final design. In the last fase of the assignment the final design was evaluated using the schedule of requirements to see if the cockpit satisfies all requirements. It was determined that the functions of the cockpit are useable, that the driver can comfortably sit in the cockpit and that the cockpit is suficiently safe. After this the strength, weight and producability were evaluated. If a requirement was not met by the design recommendations were given. In the conclusion of the assignment the execution of the assignment was reviewed. It was determined that the cockpitdesign satisfies the research question.
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Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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