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Brieven vanuit de toekomst : wat is de aard van verbeelding die in verschillende soorten narratieve toekomstverbeelding gebruikt wordt?

Mandau, M. (2014) Brieven vanuit de toekomst : wat is de aard van verbeelding die in verschillende soorten narratieve toekomstverbeelding gebruikt wordt?

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Abstract:Narrative futuring is a new field of research in the psychology and can be defined as the capacity to imagine the future through stories. There have been found 6 different types of narrative futuring, 3 that contain more and 3 that contain less narrative future imaginative components. However, in this study imagination has been considered as a global, theoretical concept that has not been well-established yet. The operationalization of the nature of imagination is an essential step though to understand the virtue of narrative futuring in an expanded sense. For that reason this explorative study aims to generate a methodological instrument to analyse the nature of imagination scientifically by studying two concepts that originate from the psychology of fiction: imagination and transportation. Therefore, a selection of 60 ‘Letters from the Future’ has been analysed (10 letters of each type of narrative futuring) that has been gathered in previous studies. The majority of the participants has been Dutch and German. By using deductive and inductive analysis methods a coding system for identification and transportation has been developed which has been analysed qualitatively and has been studied on frequency and intensity of the two processes. Identification was used more often than transportation. The intensity of identification was also much higher than the intensity of transportation. Furthermore, the frequency and intensity of the two processes possessed a distinct pattern that differentiates between the 6 types of narrative futuring. This allows a more specific discrimination than the global classification of two categories (more and less imaginative) in the previous study. Based on these findings there can be concluded that narrative futuring is even richer and more diverse than has been assumed. Moreover, there has been made an essential first step to analyse the nature and quality of imagination empirically. This enables research that analyses the relationship between different imagination processes and well-being. Thereby, also the practical relevance of narrative futuring in the context of health promotion can be examined.
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Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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