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Design of a wrist orthosis for chronic stroke patients

Berg, Emma van den (2014) Design of a wrist orthosis for chronic stroke patients.

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Abstract:Motive: Each year, around 2 million people in Europe suffer from a CVA (cerebrovascular accident) or also called a stroke (Kirchhofs et al., 2009). A dramatic increase is expected over the next few years, due to current demographic developments as population growth and the aging of so-called baby boomers. A stroke is the most frequent cause of long-term disabilities. BAAT Medical has been commissioned to design a wrist orthosis, for patients who suffer from wrist problems after a stroke. This orthosis serves as a functional aid during the recovery process. Main focus is the reintegration of patients in their social and professional environment. The goal of this bachelor assignment is to design of a wrist orthosis for stroke patients. Recommendations are: Immobilize the wrist and thumb to prevent a clinched fist, which is a permanent shortening of muscles caused by (semi-)paralysis or spasm. Motivation: Based on analyses done to overall effects of stroke and specific effects on the wrist, treatment of stroke and a market investigation, options are given what the functionality of an orthosis for stroke patients can be. Attention is paid to making the orthosis fit to different patients and adjusting the shape, so it is appropriate for the shape of an arm. Also, the closing system for the straps and immobilizing the thumb is taken in account. Reducing pressure points and making sure it is clear how the orthosis should be put on is detailed in the end of this phase. An end proposal is done with presentation drawings, based on the improvements of different mockups and iterations of these models during the detail phase. The orthosis should be further elaborated and designed by BAAT or by the client if they want to bring it on the market. Recommendations for further design are done. Consequences: • It is a unique mechanism, which can lead to a strong market position for orthosis made for stroke patients. The confidential report also gives other unique ideas for wrist orthoses. • Further investigation has to be done to optim
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
BAAT Medical, Hengelo, the Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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