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Een nieuwe esthetische en functionele toepassing voor Mobach Keramiek

Kamp, D.A. (2015) Een nieuwe esthetische en functionele toepassing voor Mobach Keramiek.

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Abstract:This Bachelor assignment was conducted for Mobach Keramiek. Mobach Keramiek makes products out of ceramics, mostly pots and vases. They are looking for new aesthetic or functional applications for ceramics in order for them to broaden their product range. Mobach only produces products which they believe in and fit within the company. They do not let the market dictate what they produce. It is the wish of Mobach that they can introduce a new product that fits with their current retailers. This new product has to fit the style that Mobach has. It has to be made by the production methods that they use and it has to broaden their current product range. An analyses was done in order to draft the criteria for the design. A closer look was taken to the way the company functions, the current retailers and competitors, but also the use of ceramics and interior design trends. Next, the characteristics of Mobach were mapped by looking at the products from the past as well as the current range. The total production process was also inspected. From all this data a Programme of Requirements was drafted from which ideas and concepts could be assessed. In the idea generation a number of ideas were formed on the basis of the analysis performed. Different seats, vases, wall hangers and lamps were chosen from this generation for the further development to concepts. From these ideas a hocker, lamp and two wall hangers were chosen as concepts Eventually the choice was made to produce a prototype of the hocker, because this design offers the most possibilities concerning function as well as (new) retailers. The hocker can be used as a seat or possibility a table indoors and outdoors. Furthermore it offers Mobach a chance to appeal to the furniture market and its retailers. The hocker will be produced by hand using a mold. The mold consists of two diagonal parts, to be able to release the hocker. The hocker has been given the name: “de Kroon”. “De Kroon” will speak to old and new retailers and by doing so open new market opportunities. “De Kroon” helps Mobach differentiate from its competitor’s because of its functions as a seat and table. Because of this it is Mobach Keramiek opinion that this design will be a valuable addition to their product range.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:21 art forms
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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