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A quest for trust in the ILG process : a comparison between Overijssel and Brabant

Kantelberg, J.J.P. (2015) A quest for trust in the ILG process : a comparison between Overijssel and Brabant.

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Abstract:In this paper we aim to answer the following research question; “What influenced the relations between the provincial governments and their partners in the ILG policy networks and to what extent does the choice for government or governance oriented steering mechanisms affect this?” We used the literature to define what makes up “inter-organizational trust” and what sort of steering mechanisms are used in policy networks. On the basis of this, we came up with a number of factors that could possibly influence inter-organizational trust. On the basis of literature, we have picked two provinces to research: the province of Overijssel, as an example of steering according to the “government”-philosophy and the province of Brabant as an example of steering in accordance with the “governance”-philosophy. We conducted semi-structured interviews with six policy officials from different organizations per province and sent a survey out to members of area committees. On the basis of these data, we concluded that there indeed seems to be evidence to support the thesis that more “governance-oriented” steering methods seem to positively influence trust relationships between the provincial government and partners. Furthermore, we have evaluated the ILG process in both provinces. We conclude that in both provinces actors are satisfied, but that overall the partners of the province of Brabant are more satisfied with the way their province steered in this process, and that they seem to have a more positive image of their provincial government.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:88 social and public administration
Programme:Public Administration MSc (60020)
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