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Materiaalkeuze van verpakking voor online gekoeld voedsel verkoop

Bosch, M.L. ten (2015) Materiaalkeuze van verpakking voor online gekoeld voedsel verkoop.

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Abstract:Salad producer Johma wants to create a new online service. With this service, consumers must be able to buy refrigerated food online. Johma thinks customers are waiting for such a service because online food services are more and more common. The idea is that a consumer can create his own food package after which a self-empolyed person will deliver the package to the customer. To realize this service there must designed a package which can keep its content cool during the transport to the customer. There must be picked an isolation material which will take care that the content won’t get a temperature which is too high. Firstly there is execute an analyses of the transportation. There is examined how the transport goes from het moment the package is packed in the “packaging-hub” by the “deliver-hub” to the customer at home. After these transporting analyses there is done some research of competitive producers and packages which cool their content. The result of this was that there are very many foodservices already. But Johma could create something new with this refrigerated food service. After this, there is executed a material research to find a suitable material. First there is executed a literature research whereby there is examined the materials of existing packages which cool their content. These materials are compared to each other based on different properties which are needed to satisfy the requirements of the package. There is also dome some research to the shape of the package. There is examined which different shapes will be considered for the new package. With these results and results from the material research there are done some tests to see if the picked materials are suitable for the package. In the tests there is looked to the different materials but also to the different shapes, namely a rectangular package and a hexagonal package. From the tests it seems that the rectangular shaped package isolate the best. That is why the new package will be rectangular shaped. The package will be 45 cm wide, 35 cm long and 11 cm high. The cardboard package exist of two compartments which are separated by a cardboard dividing wall. One compartment will contain the non cooled products, the other compartment will be cooled. The material that has been chosen to isolate the content of the package is ice. The ice will be placed in bags of polyethylene. This is to prevent leaking water. At the inside of the cooled compartment there will be a cardboard layer as a protection for the products. This cooled compartment will take care that the content of the package will be maximal 7 ˚C during the entire transport. The costs of the package will be somewhere around 3 or 4 Euros. This is a broad estimation so this must be evaluated more in further research. Also there must be a further research of the logistics. There must be research what is the exact duration that the package is in an non cooled area.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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