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Positieve schoolinterventies : een meta-analyse naar de effecten van positieve schoolinterventies op floreren onder adolescenten

Koks, R. (2015) Positieve schoolinterventies : een meta-analyse naar de effecten van positieve schoolinterventies op floreren onder adolescenten.

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Abstract:Introduction: This study has investigated the effects of positive school interventions on flourishing among adolescents. In this study, flourishing was defined as a high state of wellbeing and optimal development. Investigating the effectiveness of positive school interventions on flourishing is important for several reasons. First of all, it improves performances at school and it decreases school dropouts. Second, there are relatively much adolescents with psychosomatic and psychological problems. It’s a vulnerable target population that needs support. Method: This study uses the Geelong Grammar School model where six domains of flourishing are described. The domains are: positive relationships, positive health, positive purpose, positive accomplishments, positive engagement, positive emotions. The search has been done in PubMed, PsycInfo and ERIC. In total 514 studies have been screened and 18 studies were included in the meta-analysis. De Meta analysis has been done with the programme Comprehensive Meta-Analysis. Results: This study shows that there are many different interventions. These interventions often focus on teaching mindfulness, positive thinking and social- or emotional skills. The number of sessions runs from three to 32 sessions and a time period from three weeks to a school year. The effect size hedges’ g was used in this study. This study shows that positive school interventions have an effect of 0.410 on flourishing in general. The positive school interventions showed an effect of 0.623 on the domain positive relationships. There was an effect of 0.356 on the domain positive health. Positive schoolinterventions had an effect of 0.476 on positive emotions. There was a small effect of 0.07 of the positive schoolinterventions on positive purpose. Discussion: The positive schoolinterventions on positive relationships were the most effective. The adolescents experience the relationships with themselves and others as more positive. Also, the adolescents experience positive emotions more often, which has been shown from a medium effect on ‘positive emotions’. The medium effect of the interventions on ‘positive health’ shows that there is an increase of wellbeing, mindfulness and mental health. The results show that the use of positive schoolinterventions are effective for improving flourishing among adolescents. This could be an important signal for the current educational institutions to pay more attention on improving flourishing among adolescents by using positive schoolinterventions.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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