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Evaluation of handling of trucks

Scholten, W. (2015) Evaluation of handling of trucks.

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Abstract:This internship is done at Scania, within the department responsible for testing of trucks regarding dynamic aspects. The main assignments during this internship consisted of updating several Matlab based tools, used to evaluate test data. Scania uses a number of handling tests in order to judge the handling behavior of truck objectively. During these tests the vehicle is driven at 70km=h and a certain steering movement varied for each test is made. The outcome of these tests is a set of metrics which describe the handling behavior. The already in use Matlab tool used to evaluate the test data has been revised on several aspects. Test data from the random test, at which the vehicle is steered to the left and right at an increasing frequency, can now be used to approximate the results of the weave test, were the same is done but at a lower and constant frequency. Cab and axle roll gradients are calculated in a way less sensitive to influences of an inclined test track or side winds. The asymmetry of some metrics has been studied. Furthermore some practical changes have been made. This includes the establishment of a database and further automatisation of storing and presenting the results. A new script is made to analyze the steering wheel return test. In this test the steering wheel is released from a large angle while driving at slow speed. The outcomes of the test are the steering wheel angle velocity and the final steering wheel angle. The new script investigates automatically the suitability of the test data as there is a large number of faulty measurements. The new script also provides the option to compare the results with other tests. At the end the determination of the ratio from steering wheel to steered front wheel is discussed briefly. This ratio is tested on eleven trucks, the results are used by the ESP system to quickly calculate the yaw velocity. The ESP system will brake certain wheels if the yaw velocity is considered to be to high.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Scania, Sweden
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
Keywords:Automotive, Trucks, Dynamics, Handling, Programming
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