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Design and testing of a 6 inch control Valve with a Multi-stage Anti-cavitation trim

Wedzinga, N.A. (2015) Design and testing of a 6 inch control Valve with a Multi-stage Anti-cavitation trim.

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Abstract:In this internship report the performance aspects of a anti-cavitation multi-stage control valve trim are discussed. The internship was at Key Valve Technologies LTD, based in Siheung-si, South Korea. From a given case a custom control valve trim is designed for operation in cavatiting conditions. To gain more insight in the working of the multi-stage trim an additional prototype was designed to represent only one hole of the multi-stage trim hole pattern. The general working of a multi-stage control valve trim is based on orifice technology. From the designdata available a single hole from a control valve trim was build with 5 single orifice plates. The orifice plates were tested each seperately and then in a combination. The combination varied from 2 until the maximum of 5 plates. The holes in a multi-stage control valve trim are placed one after another with a certain offset. In a normal configuration the offset increases from the first plate to the next. An alternative offset is also evaluated where the offset alternates around zero.The performance of the orifice plates and the and the combinations of orifice plates in different settings is evaluted with Computational Fluid Dynamics as well as full-scale test and algebraic calculations. The full scale test have been performed at the testing laboratiorium of Key Valve Technologies LTD in Siheung-si, South Korea. Additionally some background information of control valves and orifices is given in the appendix and the calibration of the pressure gages is discussed.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Key Valve Technology, South Korea
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
Keywords:Control Valve, Cavitation
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