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Tangible Pods : A raw tangible user interface (TUI) for audio and haptic feedback

Schaefer, P.M. (2016) Tangible Pods : A raw tangible user interface (TUI) for audio and haptic feedback.

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Abstract:This Bachelor Assignment (BA) is a contribution for the development of tangible interfaces that support multi-sensory perception, metacognition and physical manipulation. The assignment is to explore, experiment and test diverse ways of creating tangible user-interfaces (TUI) that support visual, tactile and auditory interaction and afford audiovisual feedback and assistive responses (i.e. cues, nudges). Furthermore, part of the assignment was a study on the impact of interaction modalities on embodied cognitive processes. A user-centered design approach was applied in combination with a bottom up iterative design process and a prototyping phase. Iterations were made based on a vision and requirements for an interaction that supports the user by allowing him/her to use his/her hands for 3-D physical manipulation to create sounds in a playful and synthesized way. The vision and requirements are based on earlier work from the Free Assignment (FA) and research done about the theory behind Rawshaping Technology (RST), other related work and embodied cognition. The iterations have lead to three concepts of which one has been further developed into a prototype. The prototype is an implementation of the concept for the exploration of sounds with tangible interaction. It shows that the concept is feasible using relatively low-cost technology (piezos and pressure sensors, compression springs and an Arduino microcontroller). With the prototype a small usability test was executed. The test results suggest that learning how to use the interface is not very difficult. It has been tested with people with and without cognitive impairments to test whether there is a difference in perceived usability. However no conclusions about this could be drawn from the test and further research is necessary. Lastly, conclusions from the test were drawn and recommendations for further development in concept and execution were made.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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