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Herontwerp Multi Tool Trac geschikt voor de tuinbouw

Oonk, J.C.S. (2015) Herontwerp Multi Tool Trac geschikt voor de tuinbouw.

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Abstract:Multi Tool Trac B.V. is a partnership between three companies. Together they develop a brand new and unique electric tool carrier called the Multi Tool Trac. The tool carrier is specialised in Controlled Traffic Farming, a more efficient form of agriculture. The unique features such as adaptable track width and independable steering distinguish the MTT from its competitors. With the on-the-fly adjustable track width, the user is able to drive with a wider track width on land, whereafter he can adjust to a smaller track width on his way home. Besides these functions the independable steering is a unique feature to improve maneuverability of the tool carrier. Multi Tool Trac B.V. wants to have different variations based on the prototype. New ideas are also welcomed by the client. This is the motivation for Multi Too Trac to start this project. There has been made a deciscion to redesign the Multi Tool Trac suitable for horticulture. The task formulation is as follows: “Make a redesign of the Multi Tool Trac suitable for horticulture based on the demands from the user.” In the analysis; The Multi Tool Trac, target group and possible competitors have been extensively analyzed.The conclusion for the current MTT is, that it’s too large, too heavy and too expensive for horticulture usage. This means the redesign needs to be smaller, lighter and cheaper to fulfill the demands of the user. The analysis of the target group in combination with the interviews reveals the most important requirements. Agility, modularity, noise production and costs are important factors in the design process. The competing tool carriers and compact tractors form the base for the performance estimation. The program of requirements follows from the analysis; it includes the most important requirements by different stakeholders (client, target group, government). In the analysis the Multi Tool Trac is divided in different modules. These modules are studied in the redesign phase. Each module needs to be redesigned, adjusted or deleted in the redesign. In the detailing phase, the choices are elaborated and added together to form and end design. This brings the Multi Tool Carrier that will be shown in this paper with renders. The Multi Tool Carrier is characterized by the large portal height. This originated from a unique feature the tool carrier offers, namely the possibility to turn around his own axle to greatly increase maneuverability. Lots of power and high torque ensure the tool carrier always has enough pulling power. The design and use of colors make the Multi Tool Carrier fit to the Multi Tool Trac family. The Multi Tool Carrier is meant to offer a special feature, namely a modulair design with customer specific parts, chosen within certain limits. This makes the product attrictive to customers. The concept can be reviewed using the program of requirements. Here it can be concluded that the Multi Tool Carrier, apart from the mass and installation place, meets the requirements. The mass of the tool carrier is raised by “adding”the electric driveline, which competitor tool carriers don’t have. In future projects there are lots of optimalisation possibilities to reduce weight. The installation place can be easily enlarged, because the turning radius is well within the requirements.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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