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Towards a software architecture model for the automation of the PIRATE robot

Hoekstra, G.I.S. (2018) Towards a software architecture model for the automation of the PIRATE robot.

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Abstract:The total length of the gas distribution network in the Netherlands spans more than 100.000 km in urban areas and each segment of the network has to be inspected every 5 years by Dutch law. Replacement of damaged or faulty pipes is expensive and therefore accurate data on the state of the pipes is necessary. The current system employed to check for the state of the pipes has limited accuracy. To improve this accuracy the pipes would need to be inspected from the inside and this led to initiation of the PIRATE project. The acronym PIRATE stands for Pipe Inspection Robot for AuTonomous Exploration. Advantages of such a robot would be that not only would the accuracy for finding gas leaks would be much higher but also the increased visibility of weaknesses would allow for preventive measures to be taken before any serious leakage actually occurs. Over the years the hardware and software for the manual control has been developed at the University of Twente. The first steps to the automation of the control have also been made, however there are still quite significant gains to be made. This research will focus on a software architecture that can be used for the automation. The architecture by itself is only an abstract concept and the translation to the actual implementation is not trivial and should therefore include rigorous coding standards. To this end the influence of static code analysis tooling is also researched and how they integrate with a project such as this. During the project an implementation of the architecture has been constructed using ROS (Robot Operating System) while using the RobMoSys framework as a guideline. This work was focused on the architectural design of the software as well as the correctness of the provided code and the completeness of the documentation.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:54 computer science
Programme:Embedded Systems MSc (60331)
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