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Sculpture Showing "Life Purpose" Quotes : A Kinetic Sculpture Developed For Menperium

Baarslag, Sjoerd (2018) Sculpture Showing "Life Purpose" Quotes : A Kinetic Sculpture Developed For Menperium.

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Abstract:A small company from Enschede, Menperium, have given us (Samantha Galvez and I, Sjoerd Baarslag) the assignment to develop a kinetic sculpture that could display motivational quotes. The goal of this sculpture was to make people reflect upon themselves, and make them think about their goals and future. Therefore, this thesis tries to answer the question “How can an art installation showing quotes, placed in the hallway of a company, bring out employees' intrinsic motivation in order to reach personal goals?”. Over the course of six months this sculpture has been developed and realized. Due to time restrictions the test was simplified to testing if people were intrigued by the product, and if people understood the function and meaning of the installation. The results were promising, but further research is required to see the sculpture can fulfill its purpose. Several suggestions were given to increase its holding power and the amount of people who understood the meaning of the installation. This thesis focuses on the encouragement through other ways then human contact, namely how this was implemented and tested with sculpture.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Menperium, Enschede, the Netherlands
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:02 science and culture in general
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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