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Oplaadinfrastructuur voor elektrische auto's in de Gemeente Barneveld : De ontwikkeling van een algemene toepasbare methode voor de plaatsing van oplaadinfrastructuur

kessel, J. van (2018) Oplaadinfrastructuur voor elektrische auto's in de Gemeente Barneveld : De ontwikkeling van een algemene toepasbare methode voor de plaatsing van oplaadinfrastructuur.

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Abstract:With the introduction of cleaner alternative fuels for vehicles and the advent of electric cars, there is also a need for the associated charging infrastructure. Owners of an electric car often do not have the possibility to charge the car on their private property and are therefore dependent on charging facilities in the public space. As the municipality is the owner and manager of the public space, it is faced with the challenge of meeting the increasing demand for charging infrastructure in cooperation with market parties. At this moment, charging facilities are mainly installed in the form of a charging pole. Placement often happens after a private e-rider asks for it. With the increasing number of electric cars, the question arises as to whether this current approach will continue to work in the future. The objective of the research was therefore: to develop a future-proof, universally applicable method for the development of charging infrastructure for electric cars in small and medium-sized municipalities in urban areas. To achieve this goal, various research methods have been used. For example, people involved in the placement of charging infrastructure within the municipality of Barneveld were interviewed, documents and literature were studied, an interview with an expert was held and two surveys were conducted. Existing growth models were also used to identify the increase in the number of electric cars and its impact on the charging infrastructure. This report first gives an overview of the current state of affairs regarding the charging infrastructure within the exemplary municipality of Barneveld. Based on the situation in this municipality, a method is being developed that can be used not only by Barneveld, but by other municipalities as well. With the help of various sources within the municipality, the current charging network of the municipality has been mapped out. There are currently 33 public charging stations in the municipality, usually with two charging points per charging station. This is followed by an overview of the current state and development of electric vehicles and the expected demand for public charging infrastructure. Both for the Netherlands as a whole, as well as for an average municipality such as Barneveld. Various models have been used to predict, for example based on demographic data, how the number of electric cars will grow to 3 million by 2030. This growth has an impact on the number of charging points required. In a municipality such as Barneveld, it has been predicted that 90 charging stations will be needed in 2020, which means that approximately 60 additional charging stations will have to be installed in the next two years. Technological developments in the field of charging techniques, charging locations and charging objects also affect the development of charging infrastructure. When selecting a location for a charging facility, various criteria are important, such as the spatial suitability, the parking pressure and the connection possibilities of the charging facility to the electricity grid. Based on the current situation and expected developments, flow charts have been developed to assist municipalities in the placement of charging infrastructure. The diagrams help to determine an execution model, purpose and working method, the need for a public loading facility and the choice of the best loading solution and location. This with the aim of helping medium-sized and smaller municipalities with the development of future-proof charging infrastructure.
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Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering BSc (56952)
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