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Design of a Matlab based graphical user interface for visualization and enhancement of floor dynamics.

Koopman, Frederik (2018) Design of a Matlab based graphical user interface for visualization and enhancement of floor dynamics.

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Abstract:From the works of previous interns on modal analysis the need to get even more insight into floor dynamics was wanted at MECAL. This was done by extending an existing Matlab based floor dynamics insight tool. The first extension was going from a one dimensional system to two by not only taking vertical translations into account but also using rotations. This was done by switching from point masses that were interconnected with springs to two DOF beams. The next major extension was going to three DOF by giving the floor width and thus an extra rotation. Next to getting more insight also a need for better modeling of the floor dynamics was needed at MECAL. In the past this was done with modal analysis. This method however is problematic when the floor has a lot of damping and when eigenmodes have eigenfrequencies that are close together. Therefore a different method was thought out that tries to estimate the mass, damping and stiffness matrix from the system of frequency response functions (frfs). This worked well in theory but not on a real system. However the idea was born that a measured system can be simulated to an altered situation by inverting the system of frfs to get the dynamic matrices and adding elements to it and inverting it back to get the frfs for the altered situation. On this principle a Matlab based graphical user interface was made to assist engineers with floor vibration reduction by visualization and enhancing the floor dynamics by added elements.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
Keywords:floor dynamics, vibration visualization and reduction
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