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Method for legacy software evaluation based on the Balanced Scorecard and AHP

Heijer, Frank den (2018) Method for legacy software evaluation based on the Balanced Scorecard and AHP.

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Abstract:Many businesses have adopted information systems in a certain way. As the IT industry rapidly moves forward, quickly a gap is formed between old technologies and current technologies. Therefore, legacy systems become inevitable to many businesses. Companies that have to deal with legacy systems encounter many setbacks due to the fact that legacy systems impede change and are poorly compatible with the latest technologies. Companies often struggle to make informed decisions regarding the identification legacy. Knowing which application are at risk and why they are at risk remain to be among the top concerns of IT decision makers. This paper provides a method for defining and identifying the degree of legacy in a software product taking into account the company’s unique characteristics regarding their definition of legacy. First, several metrics for measuring legacy are identified based on existing quality measurements. Then the Balanced Scorecard will be considered as evaluation framework for structuring the found software metrics. Lastly, by using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) a method will be proposed for tailoring the software metric to reflect the companies interests and scoring the application portfolio.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:54 computer science
Programme:Business & IT BSc (56066)
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