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Threaded plug & ring-assembly station design

Desai, Amit (2018) Threaded plug & ring-assembly station design.

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Abstract:Wouter Witzel Euro valve is a Dutch company specialized in the production and manual assembly of different sizes and models of the butterfly valve. Currently, Wouter Witzel investigates the technical feasibility of automating the assembly process of these valves. Previous research was dedicated to the general feasibility of automating the assembly process. It showed that it was economically feasible to automate the process. The next phase of the project led to the detailed system level design of the assembly line. This detailed design included an assembly line layout with several assembly stations, the sequence of the assembly process, type of assembly stations required, cycle time analysis and estimation on implementation cost. This assignment deals with the detailed design of one of those assembly stations; the assembly station for assembling the threaded plug & ring into the valve body. The plug and ring are two critical components of the valve, and their functionality is to provide leak-proof sealing. The research was focused on the development of two major components of the system - a fixture for placing the plug & ring, and a robotic system to perform the assembly operation. The fixture was designed to place the plug & ring with ease & without changing their orientation using a robotic linear Cartesian system with three translational degrees of freedom. A tightening tool is mounted on the linear system, and the tool is used to pick (from the fixture) and place (tighten) the plug & ring in the valve body. Finally, a design failure mode and effect analysis has been performed. The critical potential causes of failure and other parameters essential for the operation of the system were considered, and a preliminary control plan has been proposed. A cycle time analysis was carried out to ensure that the system could perform the assembly operation in an envisioned cycle time of 2min. These final checks indicate that the proposed assembly station is capable of fastening the plug & ring to provide a leak-proof sealing in the desired amount of time and at minimal costs. Keywords: butterfly valve, assembly station, plug & ring, detailed design.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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