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Water tank Dobbelmannklooster

Geurts, M. (2019) Water tank Dobbelmannklooster.

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Abstract:At the Dobbelmannklooster in Nijmegen, a tank system is placed into the ground. The tank is collecting and temporarily storing rain water for household usage and infiltration crates are in place for surplus rain water. The whole system is providing water to the four connected washing machines inside the monastery. The goal of this research was to determine whether or not the tank system provides the amount of water, with the required quality, that the residents need and if this would work out in future scenarios as well. For the purpose of answering this question, a MatLab model has been built that simulates the workings of the tank and its infiltration crates. Further research questions were drawn up to get a concrete picture of the workings of the tank. The first research question went further into the water quality topic. In May 2018 a heavy rain shower caused unfiltered rain water to enter the tank and mix with the filtered water. This then caused laundry clothes to smell dirty and unwashed. A hypothesis was that the infiltration crates got too full due to the sudden amount of rain and water flowed back up into the tank. With the outcome of the model, this hypothesis was disproven. The model pointed out that the infiltration crates were not full during the whole month of May, making the hypothesis untrue. Another solution has yet to be found. To answer how many days in the year the tank provides water to the residents the model was run again. In its current state, with only four washing machines, the model showed that extra water was necessary on 22 days of the year. With five extra toilets and one extra washing machine added to the system, this number increased to 71 days of extra water necessary. The effect that heavy rain has on the tank is measured by choosing a rainfall intensity of 65
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering BSc (56952)
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