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Provoking innovation in the innovation partnership procedure : a market perspective

Brinkerink, J.I.D. (2019) Provoking innovation in the innovation partnership procedure : a market perspective.

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Abstract:Correlation exists between innovation and economic development of countries. First world countries often encourage high levels of innovation throughout several industrial sectors. Despite the construction sector, for decades this sector is criticized with low levels of innovation in comparison to other branches like IT and automotive. This is recognizable in reality: methods used in construction often are unchanged over the past decades. The municipality of Amsterdam faces a problem with this unchanged way of working. Around 200 kilometres of quay walls throughout Amsterdam are in a deteriorated state. On some locations the quality is extremely poor, sometimes quays start to fall apart whereby emergency measures are necessary. Over the past years quays collapsed throughout the city on several locations. Main reason for the poor state of these crucial assets are year-after-year shortages on maintenance and renewal budgets. Renewal does take place however, the current method faces several problems: high costs, long execution times and hindrance for the surrounding. But most important: current method is only capable of renewing 500m1 of quays annually, whilst at least 2km1 is necessary to maintain an appropriate state of quay walls. To bridge this gap the municipality provokes parties to develop new solutions. With using the innovation partnership, a procurement procedure new to European procurement law, is tried to stimulate market parties in order to develop new solutions. Within the IPQ1 the municipality integrated several aspects to provoke innovation. However the municipality is unsure whether these aspects, and the procedure itself are actually provoking innovation. The main research question of this research is as follows: How should the municipality organize its innovation partnership procedure to provoke effective innovation by market parties?
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Construction Management and Engineering MSc (60337)
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