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Tracking the process of an outbreak to a pandemic via logistical infrastructures : case study

Stellaard, Julian (2020) Tracking the process of an outbreak to a pandemic via logistical infrastructures : case study.

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Abstract:When a pandemic arises, the health of human beings could be at risk. Even though some businesses can close their doors, due to government sanctions, logistical infrastruc- tures usually keep being active to supply necessary prod- ucts like food to the population. However, these logistical infrastructures could also be vulnerable to the virus. The spreading of an infectious virus can be hard to control and monitor under certain circumstances. Several studies have shown how viruses spread across the world popula- tion, they developed protocols to control such spread by decreasing human interaction. While some studies have researched the impact of logistical infrastructures on the spreading of a virus on a high abstract level, the conclu- sions of these studies are usually confined to a single infras- tructure. The logistical infrastructure sector as a whole could contribute to distributing a virus. Therefore, the ob- jective of this paper is to find out how logistical infrastruc- tures impact the spreading of a virus and if the logistical sector could make some significant changes to the infras- tructure to prevent such a catastrophic pandemic. This paper will discuss the results by creating models that sim- ulate real-world logistical infrastructural processes whilst an infectious virus is among the people.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Unknown organization, United Kingdom
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:02 science and culture in general, 43 environmental science, 54 computer science, 85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Computer Science BSc (56964)
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