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Exploration of the possibilities of wireless power transfer for e-bikes and business opportunities

Kalpoe, L.V. (2020) Exploration of the possibilities of wireless power transfer for e-bikes and business opportunities.

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Abstract:Bikes are the most popular and main form of transportation in the Netherlands. Over the years the usage of e-bikes is increasing exponentially. Due to the growth in e-bikes, there is a new demand for Wireless Power Transmission (WPT). The contactless charging solution is gaining popularity as a method for charging the batteries of Electric Vehicles and therefore also e-bikes. The technology that is making this contactless EV battery charging feasible is the Inductive Power Transfer (IPT). The advantage of IPT is that it provides benefits in terms of safety and comfort to the driver, due to the absence of a plug-in operation. In this thesis, we explore the various possibilities for WPT in e-bikes and their business opportunities. The aim is to describe the wireless power technology in e-bikes, propose a framework for a new practical, efficient, and safe wireless charging prototype application and to develop a business plan using a Business Canvas Model. First, this thesis focuses on the comparisons of different studies done related to wireless charging of e-bikes. Based on investigations of the related work a list of parameters is created that can influence the practical, efficient, and safe character of wireless charging in e-bikes. These parameters are further deliberated to understand their influence on the wireless e-bike charging phenomenon. The best design options for these parameters are further embroidered in new suggested prototypes. The prototypes are based on a combination of standards that exist nowadays. Lastly, a business case implementation framework has been defined which can be implemented by an independent (starter) business for WPT e-bikes or a wholesale e-bike business company. The proposed prototype is not complete when it comes to building and complete simulation as it became apparent in the thesis. But it does provide a good direction with the framework and particularly relevant focus points for the initiation of a predictive maintenance project. The prototype framework is designed and validated in such a way that it takes practicality, efficiency, and safety into account. The proposed business plan shows various suggestions which can lead to promising results and has the potential to be used more widely in large-scale. The research done showed that it can be concluded that the company Accell would benefit from implementing the proposed busines plan using the BCM tool. The WPT electric bike is a profitable industry and it is open for any aspiring entrepreneur through the Netherlands.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Programme:Electrical Engineering MSc (60353)
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