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Extension of the Eilmer4 Gas Package

Lerink, C.W. (2017) Extension of the Eilmer4 Gas Package.

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Abstract:Eilmer4 is the new compressible flow CFD solver developed within the Centre for Hypersonics of the University of Queensland [10]. As an open source solver Eilmer4 is constantly in development. For using Eilmer4 in methane combustion test-cases. Combustion modelers and other users involved in combustion research often make use of ther­ modynanric data from the GRl-Mech database. To make Eilmer4 a suitable simulation code for methane-combustion test-cases, thermo­ dynanric data from GRl-Mech is implemented. With a conversion file written in Lua, the thermodynamic data from GRl-Mech is stored in multiple species Lua-files which are added to the Eilmer4 gas library. To obtain a first impression of the success­ fulness of the conversion, Gp, T-plots are created and roughly analyzed. To get more insight in behavior of the GRI-Mech species, several test cases are used for validation. The test cases selected all involve combustion of (stoichiometric) methane-air mixtures. The advantage of these test-cases is a high re­ semblance of future application of Eilmer4 in methane combustion. However, since chemical kinetics play a significant role during com­ bustion, reaction schemes are necessary which describe the chemistry. As the DRM-19 uses GRI-Mech models [23] and existing trusted test cases are available in Eilmer3, the DRM-19 reaction scheme is used for validating Eilmer4 in the combustion test-cases. Furthermore, a research of Yungster et al. [24] shows results of a test case where an alternative reaction scheme is used (Yungster gas model). Both Yung­ ster and DRM-19 reaction schemes are created for Eilmer4. The first test case that is used for validation is the fixed volume reactor. Eilmer4 using DRM-19 and GRl-Mech species shows great agreements with Eilmer3. Using Eilmer4 with the DRM-19 model for the hypersonic Yungster test case also produces a convincing compari­ son. For correct application of the Yungster gas model in Eilmer4 more adjustments to Eilmer4 are necessary. With the DRM-19 model the application of Eilmer4 for methane-combustion test cases is validated
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
Keywords:Eilmer4, Compressible flow CFD solver, Methane-combustion test-cases, Combustion modelling, Open source solver
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