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Solar Kitchen Project, solar is a nature's gift.

Kauw-A-Tjoe, Rogier G. (2006) Solar Kitchen Project, solar is a nature's gift.

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Abstract:This report is about the research for a final bachelor assignment for Industrial Deisgn and Engineering. It is about the research whether it is possible to desin a stove which can bake Ethiopian pancakes (injera) on solar energy. People eat a lot of injera a day in Ethiopia, this pancake-like bread is eaten with a variety of stews. One bakes it on a clay plate which is heated with wood. The consummation of wood is a big problem in Ethiopia, not only because of the deforestation , but also because of the many consequences it has. Women are responsible to prepare dinner and therefore responsible to find ways of preparing dinner, this includes finding or buying fuel wood. In general, women spend many hours day searching for wood. A journey to Ethiopia was made to do research about the problem and to be able to make a list of demand which the injera baking plate has to meet. In Part A is written about the difficult history Ethiopia has and how it has affected the target group. The target group consist of women living in the rural area. These women usually do not have sufficient income, raise the children and take care of the household. To prevent the usages of wood a solar energy baking plate will be designed, which will work on a village scale. Part B describes the different solutions which can contribute in the design. Many ideas were inspirited with the information gained at the International Conference in Granada. These options are discussed and judged with regards to the list of demands. The result of Part B is used in Part C to design a total system which is able to bake injera. One of the important aspects of the designed system is the usage of oil. This fluid is able to transport heat at a high temprature (260 C). A vegetable oil is found, which is produced in Ethiopia already. After general calculations, a design is made which meets the demands. The calculations proof the possibility of baking injera on solar energy.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:21 art forms
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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