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Towards personalized return to sport decision after ACL-reconstruction

Riphagen, S. (2022) Towards personalized return to sport decision after ACL-reconstruction.

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Abstract:An often-discussed topic within the rehabilitation after ACLr is the decision whether a patient is ready to return to sport. Current test batteries do not include neurocognitive load, something that athletes face in real sport situations. As a result, these test batteries may not be specific enough to determine whether an athlete is ready for return to sport. During this graduation internship, a research line has started to evaluate the effect of neurocognitive load on jumping distance, movement patterns and muscle activation patterns in ACLr patients and controls without knee injury. Eight participants were recruited for the ACLr group, ten participants were recruited in the control group. Jumping distance, knee kinematics and muscle activation patterns were measured during standard single leg hop for distances and two singles leg hop distances containing different neurocognitive load. Overall, this study established that adding a neurocognitive component to standard hop tests influences the jumping strategy, according to knee kinematics. Specifically, differences occur in maximal knee flexion during the flight phase in ACLr patients. With future refinement, the research line has the potential to guide clinical decision-making by emphasizing deficiencies throughout the duration of a challenging neurocognitive task. This may improve an objective, personalized and more complete return to sport advise, which will contribute to minimizing the currently high incidence of re-ruptures of an ACL and while increasing the RTS ratio.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:44 medicine
Programme:Technical Medicine MSc (60033)
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