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MIND YOURSELF : Using an artistic psychological brain-computer interface to increase self-consciousness

Riefel, Miriam (2022) MIND YOURSELF : Using an artistic psychological brain-computer interface to increase self-consciousness.

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Abstract:This thesis is not only an academic research about artistic brain­computer interfaces and self-consciousness, but also a source for novel methodology encompassing this field of technology. It includes the development of MIND YOURSELF, an artistic psychological brain­computer interface that allows users to ’crawl inside their own mind’, of which photos are included on the title page. Because all components of MIND YOURSELF were tailor­made, its development in-advertently resulted in designing additional novel interactive technology methods, especially in interactive music production. My hope is that this project does not only supply new exploratory knowledge of artistic psychological BCIs and self­consciousness, but also inspires artists and designers that work with other interactive multi­model technology. Examples are intimate meditation spaces with sensory stimuli or music pieces that are interactively controlled but keep their artistic integrity. This project has originated from a passion for the human mind and psychology, interactive technology, coding, music production and design. I am grateful for the space and creativity allowed by the master program Interaction Technology, enabling me to incorporate so many academic and personal passions into one project. I have worked on my graduation project for a year approximately. Besides the gained experience in academic research, the year has included learning a vast amount of skills, such as working on wood construction and soldering and producing music and audio for weeks and months. I have been able to do every aspect of the project myself and gain these skills because I was given all the time and freedom, for which I want to thank my supervisor Mannes Poel. I have plunged into this project with many ideas, all the motivation and a lot of optimism, but with more than a little scarcity in practical know­how. The people at DesignLab at University of Twente, as well as my sister, should be thanked for being patient enough to help me with the practical execution of the construction. I also want to thank Geert Jan for teaching me about electronic hardware and saving my construction. Furthermore, all my study companions helped me stay on path through the challenges imposed by the Covid crisis and restrictions. My close friends should finally be thanked for encouraging me throughout the whole project.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:50 technical science in general, 70 social sciences in general
Programme:Interaction Technology MSc (60030)
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